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C.E.S.T.U.S. 1…First iteration 3D model June 27, 2008

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Here it is, a 3D model of the first iteration of CESTUS 1. The name is an acronym for:




Transportation for



The result of my first run of design work, its 8 inches in diameter, roughly 12 feet long, weighing in a some 180 lbs (82 kgs). Primarily 6061 aluminum, lox / propane propellants and ablative engines. It has a payload of a whopping 1 lb (455 g)!!!!! Now, on to the next iteration.


Welcome to Epsilon Vee, the next step in space transportation June 11, 2008

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Hello, and welcome to the Epsilon Vee blog site. Epsilon Vee is a small (current employees = 1) organization taking on the task of developing innovative ways to drastically reduce the costs of space access. This enterprise started with the appearance of the N-Prize, courtesy of Dr. Paul Dear of Cambridge, UK. In short, the N-Prize is a contest to launch a very tiny satellite into orbit on a bare minimum budget. Please visit their website, the link is on the sidebar.

Epsilon Vee is one of five teams (as of this date) working to achieve this goal. From my own perspective, the prize is a stimulus driving ingenuity in design and fabrication. How do we build launch vehicles that are effective and inexpensive, using current industrial grade (read, widely available and off the shelf) and re-purposed (read, how do I turn this cell phone camera into a satellite camera) equipment.

By extension, the ingenuity is driven in other areas, such as austere launch facilities (a trailer and a couple of storage tanks for propellants), as well as finances. Hey, no bucks, no Buck Rogers (we’re building cheap launchers, not free ones). Design work on our entry is off to a good start, and I’ll keep this site updated as often as possible on new developments.

Thanks to Dr. Dear for the opportunity, and special thanks to James Wagstaff at pictureandword.com for the logo and mission patch you see here.

Thanks guys

James C.